what the faq?!

What makes you different from other photographers?!
Well, if you haven't caught on by now - I like to keep it real! Let's just have a ton of fun and let me capture you laughing and interacting with each other. At the same time, I AM an artist and want to create art with you! I'll pose you just a little bit so we can remember your day in the most beautiful way. Throughout the WHOLE process, I'll direct you and guide you so you never feel lost or think "what do I do with my hands???". 

Should we do an engagement session?
Engagement sessions are SO fun and really allow me to connect with you guys before the big day! It's also sooo great for you two to get in some time in front of my camera specifically so you can experience what it's like to be photographed by me (spoiler alert: it's super fun and easy 😉). 

Do you do destination weddings? 
Uhh, YEAH I DO. Check out Michaela and Nathan in Maui

Should I give you a shot list? Can we do this pose off of Pinterest?!
You can ABSOLUTELY give me one or two poses you would love to do on your wedding day - BUT a lengthy shot list does not work well at all!  Let me capture your day as it naturally unfolds and we'll get creative during portraits! 

How do we get our photos?
You'll receive an e-mail with a link to your online gallery 4-6 weeks after your wedding! For engagements, 2 weeks after your session. The gallery has a built-in print store where you can design an album, order thank you cards, and get some beautiful wall art of the best day ever! 

How many photos do we get?
Um, a lot. Lol. An 8 hour wedding typically yields around 600 photos give or take!

Can I see a full gallery of a wedding?! 
Fo sho! Just ask for one when you inquire here

Do you give out RAW files or unedited images?
Does Mr. Krabbs give away the secret formula for a krabby patty?! (no) You DO get a print release with your photos - meaning you can print, share, and post away! You cannot edit the photos or use them commercially - so don't slap 'em on a billboard without consulting me first, ok?!



The second you meet her, it's like you've been friends since middle school. She's an absolute gem of a person and, if it's even possible, a more talented photographer. 


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